BMW Preview for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

BMW AG: Official Press Release

BMW at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show 2012.

Driving pleasure that arouses emotions, fascinating aesthetic appeal, premium quality and groundbreaking efficiency characterise the model range which keeps the BMW brand on track for success in 2012. At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, BMW presents numerous new serial production models as well as groundbreaking vehicle concepts whose design and technology pave the way to forms of mobility which are both exciting and sustainable. The innovative strength of the world's most successful premium automobile manufacturer enables the development of vehicles which combine an exceptional level of charisma and continuously increasing driving pleasure with a consistent reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels. With its current model program, BMW sets the benchmark for technological advancement, groundbreaking design style and sustainability in the automotive sector. The consistent continuation of this development strategy is documented in the studies BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept, likewise on show in Geneva.

The new models presented at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show reflect the remarkable harmony between exclusive driving culture, challenging athletic flair and exemplary efficiency which makes the BMW range of products the most progressive in the premium segment. A clear sign of the outstanding status of BMW design is the world premiere of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe. The brand's first four-door Coupe is the aesthetic highlight of the BMW trade show presentation. The sporty elegance of its appearance suggests a fascinating driving experience defined by powerful engines, superior suspension technology and innovative driver assistance systems.

The current product range of BMW M GmbH, embodies outstanding sporty flair in a particularly contemporary form. The 2012 Geneva Motor Show provides the showcase for the world premiere of the new BMW M6 Coupe. The second generation of this high-performance vehicle combines fascinating dynamic performance with a level of fuel consumption that has been reduced by over 30 per cent as compared to the predecessor model. Hallmark M feeling is also to be found in the BMW M Performance automobiles, presented to the public for the first time in Geneva. The models BMW M550d xDrive, BMW M550d xDrive Touring, BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d establish a whole new product category which combines an exclusive range of engines and high performance with unlimited suitability for everyday use and impressive efficiency.

What is more, visitors to the Geneva Motor Show from March 8th to18th will witness a particularly detailed presentation of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. For this purpose, additional engine versions will be featured for the new edition of the world's most successful premium model, as well as the BMW Active Hybrid 3. The new BMW 1 Series also lines up for the start with new engines - including the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition, the brand's first serial production model with a level of CO2 emissions of less than 100 grams per kilometre. The series of world premieres is rounded off by the new BMW X6, whose individual profile is honed with modifications in design and innovative equipment features.

Aesthetic highlight: the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.

With the world premiere of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, BMW provides one of the highlights at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show while at the same time signalling its advance into a new vehicle segment. The design and innovative equipment features of the first 4-door Coupe by BMW is a symbol of exclusive driving pleasure in the luxury class. The hallmark proportions for a Coupe of the BMW brand and the BMW 6 Series shaping form the basis for its aesthetic appearance, defined by dynamic, elegant style. The interior of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe offers driver orientation as is typical of the brand, along with a high level of travel comfort in a stylish, luxurious interior.

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is a 4-seater that offers generous travel comfort at the rear, too. A third seat is available as standard which can be used for shorter journeys. Thanks to folding backrests, the 460-litre luggage compartment can be extended to a volume of 1,265 litres.

There are three engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology available for the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe. The in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine of the BMW 640i Gran Coupe delivers 235 kW/320 bhp, the in-line 6-cylinder diesel of the BMW 640d Gran Coupe has an output of 230 kW/313 bhp. The BMW 650i Gran Coupe is powered by a new V8 engine with 330 kW/450 bhp whose BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology now also includes the fully variable valve control system VALVETRONIC. All model variants are fitted an 8-speed sports automatic transmission. In addition to the automatic engine start-stop function, the standard ECO PRO mode also helps reduce fuel consumption. The intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive will be available for the top model, too.

High-performance sports car in top form: the new BMW M6 Coupe.

A particularly attractive blend of aesthetic appeal and dynamic performance is all set for launch in the high-performance sports car segment, too. The new BMW M6 Coupe, which sees its world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, exercises a fascinating attraction both due to it hallmark M design and its acceleration capacity, largely deriving from its 412 kW/560 bhp V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology. Its propulsive power enables a figure of 4.2 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, while its exceptional efficiency results in an average fuel consumption of 9.9 litres per 100 kilometres in the EU test cycle. The high-revving 8-cylinder engine, 7-speed M dual transmission, Active M Differential in the rear axle differential, the M-specific chassis and the new optionally available M Carbon ceramic brake guarantee top figures in all the relevant criteria for all-round dynamic performance and ensure the characteristic M feeling.

In the new BMW M6 Coupe, the dynamic and elegant lines are supplemented by characteristic M features which emphasise the athletic character of this high-performance sports car in a way which is derived directly from technological requirements. One hallmark feature is the roof in carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which in the BMW M6 Coupe has striking contours. It contributes to the reduction of vehicle weight as well as shifting the centre of gravity downwards - two ways in which it optimises the agility of the 2-door model. Wide-ranging configuration options for the drivetrain and suspension functions, two M drive buttons on the steering wheel for saving and retrieving a preferred set-up, the typical M cockpit design and the optional Head-Up Display - likewise with M-specific features - provide the ideal basis for enjoyment of this high-performance model in intense, individual style.

Exclusive performance, typical M feeling, outstanding efficiency: the BMW M Performance automobiles.

BMW M GmbH is also marking the start of a completely new product category with four premieres at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The BMW M Performance automobiles meet the demand for more power, precise handling and highly expressive design while retaining unlimited suitability for everyday use and exemplary efficiency. The models BMW M550d xDrive, BMW M550d xDrive Touring, BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d will be the first to go on the market. Their main points in common: the most innovative, powerful and efficient in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine in the world, the intelligent all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive, M-specific suspension settings and a characteristic design.

The new diesel engine with triple turbocharger and common rail direct injection delivers 280 kW/381 bhp and mobilises a maximum torque of 740 Newton metres. The 8-speed sports automatic transmission, xDrive, the suspension technology and the aerodynamic balance of the BMW M Performance automobiles are configured specifically to match the performance characteristics of each model with the precision typical of BMW M GmbH. New benchmarks are achieved, especially in terms of agility but also in the area of efficiency. For example, the BMW M550d xDrive accelerates in 4.7 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, while its average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is 6.3 litres per 100 kilometres.

Extended engine range for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan.

Elegant, expressive design, outstanding sporty flair and enhanced driving comfort are the characteristic features of the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series Sedan. The new epitome of driving pleasure in the midrange premium segment also adds a pioneering touch with its innovative options such as the 8-speed automatic transmission, BMW Head-Up Display and the BMW Lines. The 2012 Geneva Motor Show marks the presentation of additional engines for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. Each with four cylinders, a capacity of 2.0 litres and BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology, the power units of the models BMW 316d, BMW 318d and BMW 320i provide a level of power delivery which is typical of the brand as well as especially low fuel consumption and emission levels. The engine output of the two additional diesel models is 85 kW/116 bhp in the BMW 316d and 105 kW/143 bhp in the BMW 318d. As the new entry-level version among the petrol engine models, the BMW 320i offers an output of 135 kW/184 bhp.

The M Sports package for the new BMW 3 Series Sedan is also presented along with the new engines. There is also a look ahead to further engine versions: BMW will be offering the intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive for the new generation of the sporty sedan. What is more, the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 will be on shown in Geneva: its market launch is due to follow in just a few months' time.

New engines for the BMW 1 Series: BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition with CO2 level of 99 grams per kilometre.

Just a few months after the successful market launch of the new BMW 1 Series, the engine range for the compact model will be extended with the addition of three 4-cylinder engines. The status of the most powerful petrol engine variant goes to the BMW 125i, whose 4-cylinder power unit with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology develops a maximum output of 160 kW/218 bhp and a maximum torque of 310 Newton metres. The most powerful diesel model in future will be the 125d with the same output and a maximum torque of 450 Newton metres. Its BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology includes multi-stage turbocharging and the latest generation of common rail direct injection.

The new front runner of the BMW model range in terms of efficiency will also be in the spotlight at the 2012 International Motor Show in Geneva. The BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition is powered by an 85 kW/116 bhp diesel engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology. It accelerates in 10.5 seconds from zero to 100 km/h and its average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is 3.8 litres per 100 kilometres. With a CO2 level of 99 grams per kilometre, the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Edition sets another milestone in the continuous reduction of exhaust emissions in road traffic. For the first time ever, a double digit CO2 level can be combined with the driving pleasure typical of BMW models.

Exclusive perspectives for a unique model: the new BMW X6.

Selective design modifications and attractive new features in the equipment program give the BMW X6 an even more refined profile. Still the world's only Sports Activity Coupe, this gives it a further boost along its route to success.

More than 150,000 of the BMW X6 have been sold worldwide since its market launch.

In the front view of the new BMW X6, its powerful presence is emphasised even more intensively with a particularly striking design of the BMW radiator grille and a new position for the fog lights. The rear lights, likewise modified, reflect the characteristic night design of the brand even more clearly. What is more, the new BMW X6 is the only vehicle within the competitive field of the BMW X models to be optionally available with adaptive LED headlights as of spring 2012.

Individual mobility redefined: BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept.

The consistent continuation of the BMW development strategy for sustainable mobility will be borne out at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show with the presentation by BMW i. The BMW i3 Concept and the BMW i8 Concept provide concrete insights into the models currently undergoing development for serial production. The BMW i3 will come off the production line at the BMW plant in Leipzig as early as 2013 as the first electrically powered premium vehicle in the world. The serial production start of the BMW i8 is due to follow just a short time later. The sports car with plug-in hybrid drive will go on the market at the beginning of 2014.

More driving pleasure, more individuality: Original BMW Accessories.

Attractive opportunities for customisation geared consistently towards sporty style are provided by the newly structured program in the BMW M Performance product area. As of spring 2012, BMW M Performance products in the areas of drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit will be available for the BMW 5 Series Sedan, the new BMW 3 Series Sedan and the new BMW 1 Series. The retrofit components developed in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH form part of the Original BMW Accessories program. They specifically enhance driving dynamics as well as adding a striking touch of sporty style in the appearance and interior styling of each vehicle.

What is more, more new features will be presented within the range of Original BMW Accessories designed especially for the new BMW 1 Series and the new BMW 3 Series Sedan. As of spring 2012 a broad selection of products will be available for particularly selective individualisation, with a design is harmonised to match the characteristics of the BMW Lines available for both of these models. The range for the BMW 1 Series is tailored towards the Sport Line and the Urban Line. The products for the BMW 3 Series Sedan are geared towards the Sport Line, Luxury Line and Modern Line.

The latest BMW ConnectedDrive innovations.

The most recent BMW ConnectedDrive innovations provide further optimisation of comfort, safety and infotainment inside the vehicle. The BMW Live service offers a selected range from the existing BMW Online program. The online connection required is made through the customer's own mobile phone. The 2012 Geneva Motor Show presentation will also include the extended range of functions of the Apps option. This enables owners of an Apple iPhone to use such features as a web radio function in the vehicle, as well as services such as Facebook and Twitter. The innovative dazzle-free high beam assistant is also presented in the new BMW 3 Series Sedan.