2012 All-New Porsche Carrera: Dynamic Engine Mounting (Part 10/12)

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The new Porsche 911 Carrera

Sport Chrono Package for the First Time with Dynamic Engine Mounts

The new 911 Carrera models feature a Sport button as standard. It enables the driver to choose between more comfortable or fuel-efficient tuning and a sportier setup.

Activating Sport mode makes for a sportier vehicle setup. The electronic engine management system confers even tauter engine control. This makes the engine dynamics even more direct. In vehicles with PDK, the upshift in automatic mode is deferred and the downshift brought forward. The auto start/stop function and the PDK fuel-efficient sailing function are also deactivated.

The optional Sport Chrono Package with additional Sport Plus button makes for an even wider spread between a sporty setup – for example for the race circuit – and driving comfort in everyday use. In addition to refining all the relevant systems for maximum performance and functions such as Launch Control and race track gear-change strategy twinned with PDK, for the first time the Sport Chrono Package features controlled, dynamic engine mounts. The magneto-rheological engine mounts have been enhanced based on the technology introduced in the 911 GT3 and optimised for the new 911 Carrera. The vehicle sensors continuously capture the driving situation with the mounts being adjusted for stiffness and damping as required. The Sport and Sport Plus button also serve to tailor the engine mounts to the desired vehicle characteristics. The system thus ensures that the power unit is optimally in tune with the body in every driving situation, thereby contributing to improved handling characteristics accompanied by a high degree of driving and vibration comfort.

2012 All-New Porsche Carrera: Dynamic Engine Mounting (Part 10/12)

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