2012 All-New Porsche Carrera: New Aluminum-Steel Body (Part 11/12)

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The new Porsche 911 Carrera

Lighter and More Stable: New Aluminium-Steel Body

One of the new 911 Carrera’s most extensive innovations is to be found in the Coupé body: almost half the entire body-in-white, including aluminium doors, lids, wings and roof, is made of this light metal.

Together with outstanding aerodynamics – the Cd value is 0.29 – the new, innovative, aluminium-steel body makes a major contribution to the enhanced Porsche Intelligent Performance.

The underlying idea of the intelligent lightweight construction concept is using the right material in the right place. The extensive use of aluminium to reduce the vehicle’s weight is therefore balanced with elements of ultra high-strength steel for a more rigid body and optimum occupant protection. Intelligent lightweight construction was also applied to assembly parts with the use of aluminium, magnesium and wall thickness-optimised plastic trims. Despite the increased dimensions, all measures together yielded a total net reduction in body weight of approximately 95 kilograms compared with the predecessor models.

The differences in detail:

Kerb weight

911 Carrera
911 Carrera PDK
911 Carrera S
911 Carrera S PDK

New: Electric slide/tilt sunroof

A sunroof is once again offered as an option for the 911 Coupé, however, for the first time as an electric slide/tilt sunroof. Unlike the technology in the predecessor model, in which the lid slides between the outer skin of the roof and the roofliner, it now opens by the sunroof being slid over the outer skin. A ventilation position is of course possible, as before. One of the principal advantages of this design is the lower height, as a result of which headroom is not restricted as it was with the predecessor. The opening area is also increased by 30 per cent. The newly developed mesh wind deflector ensures optimum wind protection and aero-acoustic comfort. Depending on speed, it retracts in stages. The roof can be opened up to a speed of 200 km/h and closed at up to top speed.

New: Latest generation adaptive rear spoiler

A completely new variable spoiler design was employed in the new 991 Carrera. Depending on the vehicle configuration, the spoiler extends to different heights and at different angles. Additionally, a flow element located on the leading edge of the spoiler is controlled by means of a special pivoting kinetic mechanism, ensuring optimal airflow over the spoiler blade. As a result, a downforce of up to 880 Newtons is applied to the rear of the vehicle at the vehicle’s top speed. The 911 Carrera’s rear spoiler features additional technical innovations complementing the aerodynamic improvements. By integrating various functions and as a result of an appropriate choice of material for the loads and stresses involved, the rear spoiler as well helps to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, contributing in the process to Porsche Intelligent Performance.

Aluminium doors and new mirrors on the upper edge of the door

The exterior mirrors are now accommodated on the upper edge of the door and no longer on the mirror triangle. This makes for optimal airflow with significantly reduced wind noise. The mirrors were also optimised in terms of their vibration behaviour and soiling and feature an automatic folding function. With the requirement for a significant weight reduction, the doors are made of aluminium using the tried-and-tested pressure casting/sheet-metal construction technique. The outer door handles in the same colour as the car are ergonomically optimised and harmoniously styled to match the new design.

Interior: New architecture with classic elements

The 911 Carrera welcomes driver and passenger to a completely new ambiance – yet every 911 connoisseur will immediately feel himself to be in familiar surroundings. You ensconce yourself in new sports seats with electric four-way adjustment featured as standard and operate the sports car courtesy of an ergonomically enhanced concept. Emulating the Carrera GT super sports car, the new centre console rising up to the front with high-mounted gear change lends structure to the passenger compartment and imbues the new 911 Carrera with a more pronounced cockpit feel. Driver and front passenger are more closely integrated – the result is a sportier interior feeling.

The centre console plays an essential role in the more advanced ergonomics in operating numerous functions by means of buttons. The buttons are clustered in logical functional groups. The configuration is designed in such a way that the driver is able to operate them quickly, easily and intuitively, without the need for a long and complex search for mainstream functions in the submenu of an on-board computer.

Classic instrument cluster with new TFT colour screen

The dashboard retains its classic clarity. The 911 Carrera’s trademark five round instruments provide all the important information about the vehicle’s operating state. As before, the centrally-located rev counter, as the most important instrument for the driver, displays all the essential information on speed, revs, gear selection and warning and indicator lights. The new 4.8-inch, high-resolution, TFT colour screen in the instrument cluster to the right of the rev counter contains extensive configurable display options for vehicle status, audio, telephone, navigation, map display, on-board computer and tyre pressure monitoring. Twinned with the optional Sport Chrono Package, a so-called G-Force display for showing longitudinal and lateral acceleration can be accessed on the multi-function screen. Vehicles with manual transmission also feature a shift assistant display for performance-optimised driving.

Comfort: New seats, new climate control, Sound Package Plus

The interior of the 911 Carrera is rounded off by seats to match. New sports seats are fitted in the front, which can be electrically adjusted for backrest angle and height, with mechanical fore and aft adjustment as before. The new 911 Carrera models’ fitness for everyday use is also aided by the redesigned rear seats. The rear seat backs are separately foldable, enabling the rear luggage space to be increased from 150 litres to as much as 205 litres.

The new 911 Carrera’s driver and front seat passenger enjoy the comfort of two-zone automatic climate control with a completely redesigned, more efficient and quieter air-conditioning unit. Another new feature in the air-conditioning system is the ability to choose between the three airflow characteristics low, normal and high.

The Sound Package Plus provides acoustic information and entertainment as standard. Nine loudspeakers, divided into seven channels, are powered by an external amplifier with a total output of 235 watts, offering a superior sound experience. The built-in CD/DVD drive provides audio playback of audio and video DVDs as well as the playback of common compressed music formats such as MP3.

2012 All-New Porsche Carrera: New Aluminum-Steel Body (Part 11/12)

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