2012 All-New Porsche 911 (991) in Detail: Intro


2012 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe (911 not 998) Main Introduction

Porsche Identity. The New 911.

The 911. Our identity. A truly distinctive design. Technology that was born on the race track. Emotional impact that has been standard since 1963.
Yet, is that enough to move forward? Don't we need to break the stranglehold of tradition once in a while before it one day brings us to a complete standstill? We believe that the answer is 'yes', which is why no fewer than 90% of the components of the 911 are either new or have been fundamentally revised. This is our approach to the preservation of tradition and it is precisely how we do justice to the 911 legend.

2012 All-New Porsche 911 (991) in Detail: