MINI Full Speed Ahead on the Data HighWay - E.U. Official Press Release

MINI A.G.: Official Press Release

Full Speed Ahead on the Data Highway.
Original USB Products from the MINI Lifestyle Collection.

Munich. USB with a difference. MINI creates variety in the everyday routine and is particularly creative in its interpretation of the computer link. The original USB products give every desk a new look and make friends and colleagues sit up. They are brilliant gift ideas for MINI fans and technical aficionados.

The MINI USB Stick “Key” is the ideal storage medium when you are on the move. It comes in the inimitable design of the MINI ignition key. The red LED ring illuminates when the stick is connected to the computer. Thanks to the storage volume of 8 gigabytes, it offers more than enough data storage space for music, films, photos, etc. There’s also a practical neck strap, protective cap and a separate USB cable.

The MINI USB Stick “Bulldog” is also available in the shape of a bulldog to reflect the brand’s British heritage. The exceptional model shows the dog from the side in a 2D profile and has 4 gigabytes of storage capacity. The dog can be pulled apart at the centre in order to get at the USB connection. A lanyard with MINI prints and an additional USB cable complement the stick.

The extravagant MINI Liquid USB Mouse belongs on every writing desk. Inside the optical computer mouse, a white MINI miniature swims around in a two-tone, transparent orange liquid. The upper side of the mouse bears the words “DO NOT STARE AT MY BOOT.” Two keys and a scroll wheel make the mouse easy to use.

The smart products with USB connector can be purchased on the Internet by going to and at selected MINI dealers.