Mercedes C-Class: The History (part 2/9) - E.U. Official Press Release

MERCEDES-BENZ Europe: Official Press Release

Technical Highlights of the C-Class

201 series (1982 - 1993)
  • Multi-link independent rear suspension: rear axle with five independent links for highly balanced handling characteristics
  • Shock absorber strut independent front suspension: front axle located by individual wishbones, with anti-dive control
  • Encapsulated diesel engine with exemplary noise insulation (“whisper diesel”)
  • Forked-member structure of the front end for improved passive safety, particularly in frontal collisions
  • Bosch KE Jetronic mechanical/electronic injection system for petrol engines

202 series (1993 - 2000)
  • C 220 CDI: the first diesel-engined passenger car of a German motor manufacturer with common-rail injection
  • Petrol engines with Roots supercharger
  • Turbodiesel with four-valve technology and charge-air cooling
  • V6 petrol engine with three-valve technology and dual ignition
  • Four-valve technology for diesel engines

203 series (2000 - 2006)
  • Front module with crash boxes made of high-strength steel for further enhanced passive safety
  • New three-link front axle with McPherson struts for more precise handling
  • All-glass panoramic sunroof in the Sports Coupé
  • Introduction of the SEQUENTRONIC automated six-speed transmission

204 series (since 2007)
  • AGILITY CONTROL package with situation-responsive shock absorber control
  • Intelligent Light System with bi-xenon headlamps for five different lighting functions
  • PRE-SAFE®-System with preventive occupant protection system
  • Visi Vision C 220 BLUETEC for the first time shows BLUETEC exhaust gas aftertreatment with fuel-optimised four-cylinder engine

Mercedes C-Class: The History (part 2/9) – Technical Highlights