Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: The Interior Colors

UniColor Lining Stitching

UniColor Contrast Stitching

BiColor Sportivo Dryope Orange (Leather/Alcantara)


BiColor Sportivo Polar White (Leather/Alcantara)

BiColor Sportivo Taurus Yellow (Leather/Alcantara)

BiColor Sportivo Pan Green (Leather/Alcantara)

BiColor Elegante Elpis Brown (Leather/Embossed Leather)

BiColor Elegante Antiope Brown (Leather/Embossed Leather)

BiColor Elegante Dirce Brown (Leather/Embossed Leather)

BiColor Elegante Semele Brown (Leather/Embossed Leather)


Admin said...

Having already chosen the Black Nemesis for the exterior, I would go with UniColor Lining Stitching Ade Black for the interior. Still, in absolute terms, I would choose the BiColor Sportivo Pan Green, yet this would go better with Metallic Estoque Grey exterior. But again, that’s me.