2011 BMW's Bike Collection - E.U. Official Press Release

BMW Europe: Official Press Release

Expertise to the Power of Three for the 2011 BMW bikes: Designers, Engineers, and Test Drivers.
BMW M Carbon Racer, Mountain Bikes, Cruise Bike and Touring Bike with Luxury Characteristics.

Munich. The new 2011 BMW Bikes are spectacularly designed with state-of-the-art technology, made from decades of experience, giving you sheer cycling pleasure all wrapped up in one. Designed for a wide variety of different roads and types of riders, they all meet BMW’s goal of uniting form and function in perfect harmony. At BMW, designers, engineers, and professional testers ensure that this is the case. Whether it’s for the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer,mountain bikes Enduro or Cross Country, Cruise Bike or Touring Bike, the philosophy is clear – anyone considering a BMW expects to get a luxury vehicle. And they do.

The designers

Every BMW bike’s success story begins on a white sheet of paper. The designers’ job? To create a bicycle that can live up to the BMW name. Which means a vehicle that exudes energy and elegance.

The new 2011 BMW Cruise Bike is exactly such a work of art. The hydroformed aluminum frame’s welding seams have been polished and smoothed, and the brake and gear shift cables were consciously integrated into the bike in an inconspicuous manner. Whether all in elegant white, in white with blue accents, or even in the down-to-earth combination of green and black, the 2011 bike, which has already won numerous design awards, is a real eye-catcher.

The new 2011 BMW Touring Bike is the ideal all-rounder for anyone that wants both maximum comfort and a modern design. The bike’s high-quality components and extraordinary paint job in “glossy chocolate” with gold accents are proof positive that the BMW designers truly created a masterpiece. And since its equipment is licensed for road use, the Touring Bike is particularly suited for daily rides around the city.

The engineers

The heart of every BMW Bike is its frame – and in this case, BMW doesn’t use any mass-produced elements, but rather only parts developed itself. These parts owe their one-of-a-kind design to their manufacturing process, which is normally only used in automotive manufacturing. In the company’s tradition in bicycle manufacturing spanning over 60 years, the BMW engineers continuously pushed the envelope with key developments. They manufactured the suspension fork of a BMW motorcycle using lightweight materials, attached it to a mountain bike, and in doing so brought about the rise of the suspension fork in mountain bikes in the mid-nineties. Fine-tuning is the answer for those who want to make their way up steep, winding roads or down hard, single tracks. For the BMW Cross Country 2011 and Enduro 2011 mountain bikes, the engineers at BMW developed an adjustable angle stem which ensures that the rider will sit in the perfect position for an optimum transmission of energy. The bike’s full suspension, high-quality Shimano Deore XT parts, and fully hydraulic disk brakes will make even the hardest route seem like child’s play.

The testers

Every rider can trust in the fact that BMW Bikes are thoroughly tested. And the same is true for the new BMW M Bike Carbon Racer, which will be available from June 2011. With a total weight of only 7.4 kg, the bike is a continuation of the BMW M Series lightweight design philosophy on two wheels. In addition, the bike fulfills the DIN Plus standard, the most stringent testing standard in the world. This is true for every BMW Bike. Every prototype must first successfully ride thousands of kilometers in the lab before it can enter series production. And independent-testing institutes put the frame and all other components through tests that far exceed industry’s normal standards. If the bikes successfully complete these trials, they are then taken off-road, where they have to prove themselves in further extreme situations. Through the brutal heat of Death Valley or the frigid cold of the polar regions, BMW test drivers not only put their automotive prototypes through a grueling ordeal, but also demand the very best from bicycles made by BMW as well.

The 2011 BMW Bikes and matching cycling accessories are available at select BMW dealers and online at http://www.bmw-shop.com./

Facts and Figures:

2011 BMW Cruise Bike (in white, white/blue, and green/black)

Frame height: S (41 cm), M (46 cm), L (51 cm), XL (55 cm)
Frame: Aluminum, front suspension, BMW design
Fork: Suntour NCX-D suspension fork; Travel: 75 mm
Stem: BMW Original Trekking (adjustable angle)
Weight: 13.9 kg

2011 BMW Touring Bike (in glossy chocolate)

Frame height: S (41 cm), M (46 cm), L (51 cm), XL (55 cm)
Frame: Aluminum, front suspension, BMW design
Fork: Suntour NCX-D-LO suspension fork; Travel: 75 mm
Stem: BMW Original Trekking (adjustable angle)
Weight: 16.9 kg

2011 BMW Mountain Bike Cross Country (in pearl white with blue rocker arm)

Frame height: M (47 cm), L (52 cm), XL (55 cm)
Frame: Aluminum, full suspension, BMW design
Fork: Fox 32 FRL air-spring fork; Travel: 100 mm
Shocks: Fox Float RP2 BV air shocks; Travel: 100 mm
Weight: 12.9 kg

2011 BMW Mountain Bike Enduro (in metallic white/green)

Frame height: M (45 cm), L (50 cm)
Frame: Aluminum, full suspension, with four-bar suspension, BMW design; Fork: Fox Talas 32 RL air-spring fork; Travel: 140 mm
Shocks: Fox RP2 BV; Travel: 145 mm
Weight: 14.8 kg

BMW M Bike Carbon Racer (anthracite)

Frame height: 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm, and 60 cm
Frame: Full carbon with BMW M logo
Rear derailleur: Shimano Ultegra RD-6700
Front derailleur: Shimano Ultegra FD-6700
Cassette: Shimano CS6700, 11–28 sprockets, ten-speed
Weight: 7.4 kg