VEYRON The Fastest Production Car Ever --- 2.5sec

15 years ago, Bugatti developed a car with 560hp, going form 0 to 100kph in 3.5sec, and reaching a top speed of 325kph. That was the Bugatti EB110.
At the time, those figures were truly out of this world!

Today Bugatti, part of the VW group, developed the VEYRON, THE FASTEST STREET-LEGAL PRODUCTION CAR. … SO FAR!

The name Veyron commemorates Bugatti factory driver Pierre Veyron, whose victories for Bugatti included the LeMans 24-hour race in 1939.

The figures that this “CAR” exhibits are again out of this world.

16 cylinders
0-100kph: 2.5sec.

To complement all the above Bugatti equipped the Veyron with an intelligent four-wheel-drive system. It figures; few are the people who would be able to handle so much power.

Price around 1,000,000 euros!

Dream on!!!...