How Does The 0 To 100km/h Performance Translate On The Street?

Picture this.
It is 2:14am, downtown.
The streets are empty, the city lights reflect blur from the pavement and the long glass walls.
A mild breeze is streaming through the wide alley of skyscrapers.
At the traffic light a Mercedes SL65 AMG and a BMW M5 meet. They are standing there revving their monstrous horsepower, waiting for the signal …
This is when a Porsche 911 Trubo, comes out from one of the alleys to join them.
The heat is on. The eyes are gazing between the course ahead and the side rivals…
The lights turn green.
What happens 4 seconds later?

Porsche 911 Turbo --- 3.7s
Mercedes SL65 AMG --- 4.2s
BMW M5 --- 4.7s

4 seconds later, the 911 is at 108km/h, more than 7m ahead of the SL65 which is running at 95km/h. The M5 is at 85km/h, 5m behind the SL65 and 12m behind the 911.

Two seconds later, that is after 6 seconds in total, the 911 is at 162km/h, about 16m ahead of the SL65 which is at 143km/h. The M5 is at 128km/h, more than 12m behind the SL65, and 28m behind the 911.

If you would like to know about another virtual comparison, just choose two, or maximum three of any of the cars listed on this page, and send a comment to this post.