AMG moves form 55k to 63. (3/3)

(Continued from part 2 of 3 below)

What have we got left? Unlike the case of the C-class, the E-class (W211) is not short due for total remodeling. So an engine upgrade by AMG to a 63, is quite likely, and should be announced sometime in the coming few months. Actually, this would re-introduce the E-class to the market.

The G-class, started with the normally aspirated 5.5 liter engine, then moved on to the compressed version of it. The performance improved significantly, from 7.4 to 5.6 seconds! The generations of this class are virtually immortal, and out live many humans. Thus, introducing another improved engine such as the 63, is not far fetched. However, I haven’t detected any hint on the subject yet.

As for the CL-class, the existing W215, should be replaced very soon, though there hasn’t been any serious talk about the W216. In any event, the CL is nothing but an S coupe, which means that the CL55 will be replaced by a CL63, in parallel with, the soon to be introduced S63, but not for the W215.

The SLK55 (R171), is the last of the AMGs to receive the normally aspirated 5.5 liter engine. It was introduced only a bit over a year ago. This is why an upgrade to SLK63 is probable, however, not very soon, given the very young age of the existing model.