AMG moves form 55k to 63. (2/3)

(Continued from part 1 of 3 below)
Currently, there are talks about the C63 and the E63.

The replacement of the C55 (W203) is already long due. AMG first tuned the W203 with a 3.2liters compressed engine, then short after replaced it with a 5.5 liter naturally aspirated engine, delivering almost same horsepower, 10% more torque and exactly the same performance (indicated elsewhere on this blog.)

The C (W203) and the CLK (W209) never received the compressed version of the 5.5 liter, keeping them way behind, in terms of performance, vis-à-vis the rest of the series.

Now that the CLK63 is released, it is sill controversial whether the current W203 will receive the 63 badge, or that it won’t be until the release of the all new W204, due sometime mid 2007? The most probable scenario would favor that of the W204.

On the other hand, the ‘specials’ seems to be still holding the 6 liter bi-turbo engine, confirmed by the late introduction of the (W221) S65. AMG also promised a series production for the W221; the S63.

(to be continued …)