Directory of AutoMakers' Official Global Websites & Social Media

The following is a directory of direct links related to the official automotive manufacturers for the GLOBAL market.
Please note that this is still a draft. There might be some unintentional mistakes.

Brand Global Site Web TV YouTube Google+ FaceBook Twitter
ALFA ROMEO Alfa Romeo Web Alfa Romeo @ Facebook
ASTON MARTIN Aston Martin Web Aston Martin @ YouTube Aston Martin @ g+ Aston Martin @ Facebook Aston Martin @ twitter
AUDI Audi Web Audi TV Audi @ YouTube Audi @ Facebook Audi @ twitter
BENTLEY Bentley Web Bentley @ YouTube Bentley @ Facebook Bentley @ twitter
BMW BMW Web BMW TV BMW @ YouTube BMW @ Facebook
BMW M-Power BMW M-Power Web BMW TV BMW @ YouTube BMW M-Power @ Facebook
BRILLIANCE Brilliance Web
BUGATTI Bugatti Web
CADILLAC Europe Cadillac Web GM Europe TV
CHERY Chery Web
CHEVROLET Europe Chevrolet Web GM Europe TV Chevrolet @ YouTube Chevrolet @ Facebook
CITROEN Citroen Web Citroen @ YouTube Citroen @ Facebook Citroen @ twitter
DACIA Dacia Web
DAIHATSU Daihatsu Web
FERRARI Ferrari Web Ferrari @ YouTube Ferrari @ g+ Ferrari @ Facebook Ferrari @ twitter
FIAT Fiat Web Fiat @ YouTube Fiat @ g+ Fiat @ Facebook Fiat @ twitter
FORD Ford Web Ford @ YouTube Ford @ Facebook Ford @ twitter
GM Europe GM Europe Web GM Europe TV
HONDA Honda Web Honda TV
HUMMER Hummer Europe GM Europe TV
HYUNDAI Hyundai Web Hyundai @ g+ Hyundai @ YouTube Hyundai @ Facebook
JAGUAR Jaguar Web Jaguar @ YouTube Jaguar @ g+ Jaguar @ Facebook Jaguar @ twitter
JEEP Europe
INFINITI Infiniti Web Infiniti @ YouTube Infiniti @ g+ Infiniti @ Facebook Infiniti @ twitter
ISUZU Isuzu Web
KIA Kia Web Kia @ YouTube Kia @ g+ Kia @ Facebook Kia @ twitter
LADA Lada Web
LAMBORGHINI Lamborghini Web LAMBORGHINI @ YouTube Lamborghini @ g+ Lamborghini @ Facebook Lamborghini @ twitter
LANCIA Lancia Web Lancia @ YouTube Lancia @ Facebook Lancia @ twitter
LAND ROVER Land Rover Web Land Rover @ YouTube Land Rover @ g+ Land Rover @ Facebook Land Rover @ twitter
LEXUS Lexus Web Lexus @ YouTube Lexus @ g+ Lexus @ Facebook Lexus @ twitter
LOTUS Lotus Web Lotus @ YouTube Lotus @ g+ Lotus @ Facebook Lotus @ twitter
MAHINDRA Mahindra Web
MASERATI Maserati Web Maserati @ YouTube Maserati @ Facebook Maserati @ twitter
MAYBACH Maybach Web Maybach @ YouTube Maybach @ Facebook Maybach @ twitter
MAZDA Mazda Web Mazda @ YouTube Mazda @ Facebook
MCLAREN Mclaren Web Mclaren @ YouTube Mclaren @ Facebook
MERCEDES-BENZ Mercedes Web Mercedes TV Mercedes @ YouTube Mercedes @ g+ Mercedes @ Facebook Mercedes @ Twitter
MERCEDES AMG AMG Web Mercedes TV AMG @ YouTube AMG @ g+ AMG @ Facebook AMG @ twitter
MINI Mini Web
NISSAN Nissan Web Nissan TV Nissan @ YouTube Nissan @ Facebook Nissan @ twitter
OPEL Opel Web Opel TV Opel @ YouTube Opel @ g+ Opel @ Facebook Opel @ twitter
PEUGEOT Peugeot Web Peugeot TV Peugeot @ YouTube Peugeot @ g+ Peugeot @ Facebook Peugeot @ twitter
PORSCHE Porsche Int'l Web Porsche TV Porsche @ YouTube Porsche @ g+ Porsche @ Facebook Porsche @ twitter
RENAULT Renalt Web Renault TV Renault @ YouTube Renault @ Facebook Renault @ twitter
ROLLS-ROYCE Rolls-Royce Web Rolls-Royce @ YouTube Rolls-Royce @ g+ Rolls-Royce @ Facebook Rolls-Royce @ twitter
SAAB Saab Web GM Europe TV Saab @ YouTube Saab @ Facebook Saab @ twitter
SEAT Seat Web Seat @ Facebook
SKODA Skoda Web Skoda @ YouTube Skoda @ g+ Skoda @ Facebook
SMART Smart Web Smart @ YouTube Smart @ Facebook
SUBARU Subaru Web Subaru TV Subaru @ YouTube Subaru @ Facebook Subaru @ twitter
SUZUKI Suzuki Web
TATA Tata Web
TOYOTA Toyota Web Toyota TV Toyota @ YouTube Toyota @ g+ Toyota @ Facebook Toyota @ twitter
VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen Web Volkswagen @ YouTube Volkswagen @ Facebook
VOLVO Volvo Web Volvo @ YouTube Volvo @ g+ Volvo @ Facebook Volvo @ twitter